Forget about all the chemical bondings right now… concentrate on another type of bonding… and I guarantee you’ll get an A in my class….

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I met a cute trucker in the bathroom at a truck stop. He was really nice at first. But then it got rough…I’ll never forget the taste of his cum. 

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"Aww baby, awww babyyyy," he roared. "How you gonna do this to me on the first date?" 

I kept rocking, jolting my thin, small frame over his big muscles, letting his rosy shaft push itself all the way into me until I popped it out, then jumped its length again in rapid succession. His hands kept my little booty pressed down to cause the most friction along his dick, but I tore free, allowing myself to set the pace. Sweat fled down his face and shoulders, his breathing get more and more ragged.

"I’m just ensuring there’s a second date," I panted. He guffawed.

"The instant I saw that hot butt I knew there was gonna be a second date," he chuckled.

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